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На нашем сайте http://www.xxlsite.narod.ru/ можно скачать бесплатно самые красивые картинки  ко всем праздникам. Рядом с анимационныыми картинками мы даем коды, которые позволят вам быстро вставить анимацию в гостевые книги или блоги.

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туры в италию -tours to Italy

Sightseeing tours to Italy - Solar Tour, All Sicily, Roman Holiday, Great Italy, Italy Classic has traditionally been the most popular travel among our visitors. The extensive program of tours, an impeccable work meets the parties on the organization of trips allowed our digging in this year to significantly increase the number of tourists is going on this popular trend. Our excursion programs are designed so that over a relatively short period of time you can visit the main cities of Italy - Rome, Naples, Venice, Milan, Florence, their main cultural monuments. Ordering a tour with us you get the opportunity to choose the most suitable for you in the tour program with a fairly wide price range. At the last minute tours offer discounts up to 10%!

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экскурсия по замкам луары - Tour of the castles Luarskoy Valley

Tour of the castles Luarskoy Valley begins with Chambord castle, which is compared with fabulous palaces. It affects not only the quantity - 440 rooms and 365 fireplaces, and innovative architecture. Visiting Chaumont - real medieval castle, which survived until our days a drawbridge with a fortified entrance, round tower and mashikuli. Location and design of rooms, furniture will tell the true story of who lived here at different times of Catherine de 'Medici, her astronomer Rugieri, Diane de Poitiers, Madame de Stael. Lunch in a traditional French restaurant. Visit Chenonceau castle, which is located on the River Cher, a tributary of the Loire is known as Lady's Castle because it is inextricably linked with the fate of amazing women - Catherine de Medici, Diane de Poitiers, Louise Lorraine, George Sand ... It is unique in the richness of interiors and gardens, and the fact that is literally on the water. A small stop near the Royal castle Amboise, built by King Charles VIII and his wife Anna Bretanskoy. He is known also by the fact that in the chapel on its territory holds the remains of Leonardo da Vinci. Tasting wine produced in Luarskoy Valley.

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Русский париж - Russian Paris

Many historical sites in Paris, inextricably linked with the history of Russia and the names of the Russian people. This is evidenced by 51 the name of streets and squares of Paris. It is known that already in 1051 Anne of Kiev - the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise - was married to the King of France - Henry the First. She was very well educated and special rules for France until the grown son, King.
Peter 1 after arrival in France in 1717 took the decision to open embassies here Rossiyskogo and since then the story does not end the relationship of two such seemingly different countries. France has always been interested in history, art, architecture and mild climate, and Russia fascinated by the vast and mystical. If, after the French Revolution, Russia has hosted many French emigrants, after the October Revolution, France has not pushed those who sought asylum from her.
After the Second World War in France left many Russians, and in the seventies took refuge here many dissidents. Montparnasse is known that in the twenties, lived here and met many Russian artists and writers. September Genevieve de Bois - a suburb 30 km south of Paris. There, in 1927 the princess was created Mescherskaya Russian House. Now the cemetery in September Genevieve de Bois rest 20 000 sons and daughters of Russia. Among them, the officers of the White Guards, several representatives of the Romanov family and many other famous people whose names are connected with Russia - Ivan Bunin, Felix Yusupov, Serge Lifar, Alexander Galich, Andrei Tarkovsky, Rudolf Nureyev ...

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